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The Essential Guide To Massage Therapy

Massage therapy works best when you can relax and are able to fully enjoy the experience.

By combining targeted techniques with relaxation, our skilled therapists tailor treatments based on your needs and preferences.

Here is our essential guide to 10 ways you can feel great!

Massage Therapy Services

30 minutes

Take a break and relax for 30 minutes of pure tranquillity.


60 minutes

The most popular session time for massage treatments.


90 minutes

The luxury level treatment for super deep relaxation.

Traditional Thai Massage In Kenilworth

Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage therapy is performed fully clothed and oils are not used. The therapist uses the hands, elbows, fingers, feet and knees to support and stretch the body into positions similar to yoga. This is why it is also called Thai yoga massage.

The many physical benefits include better circulation, less muscle tension and improved flexibility. Thai massage is also known for its profound spiritual and emotional benefits. After an hour-long treatment, it is not uncommon to leave with a calmer mind and a state of being that can only be described as blissful.

Read more about Traditional Thai Massage.

Relaxing Thai Massage

An alternative form of Thai massage therapy that also uses oils.
The body is relaxed using gentle to firm pressure and fluid stretching techniques.

More comforting and soothing than a traditional Thai massage.
So, if you are looking for a truly relaxing experience then this one is definitely for you!

Essential Oils For Health
Thai Herbal Compress Massage Therapy

Thai Herbal Compress Massage

A mixture of aromatic herbs and spices is put inside unbleached cotton which is tied into a stem called a pinda. The pinda is steamed for 15 minutes to release the healing properties of the spices and then gently massaged over the body.

Induces deep relaxation, relieves stress and fatigue, improves circulation of blood and lymph and stimulates the internal organs. Cleansing for the body both inside and out.

Read more about Thai Herbal Compress Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage therapy is a great stress reliever. It helps with the physical symptoms of stress, such as tight muscles and shoulders and tension headaches.

Stronger pressure is used to break up the “knots” we feel in our muscles, known as muscle adhesions, that can inhibit circulation and cause pain.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy
Thai Herbal Compress Bags

Couples Massage

An experience that is both romantic and wonderfully relaxing. A couples massage is a special occasion that helps you feel more connected.

Two people receive a massage together from two therapists.

60 minutes for £103

More Massage Therapy

Facial Massage

Facial Massage

A cleansing massage therapy designed to lift and clean the skin. Rejuvenates the skin and helps you look and feel younger. Includes head, neck and shoulder massage.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

The combination of massage together with using hot stones makes this massage a great one for pain relief and reducing tension in muscles.

Thai Foot Massage

Thai Foot Massage

For the feet and lower legs. Massage, stretching and acupressure are used to stimulate reflex points. Includes the use of a traditional Thai foot massage stick.

Head Massage

Thai Head Massage

A massage of the head, neck and upper body. Thai head massage releases all the accumulated stress in the muscles, tissues and joints of the head, shoulders, neck and face.

Essential Oils And Herbs

Aromatherapy Massage

Thai massage oils used with flowing massage strokes help relieve tension in the back, shoulders and neck. Other benefits include reduced stress levels and better sleep.

Thai Sports Massage

Thai Sports Massage

Works to provide a deep and rehabilitating process that is designed to repair and prevent injury. Very beneficial to athletes, gym goers or those that are desk-bound 9-5.


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